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Welcome to Altainia!

Altainia produces and distributes commercial interior products, high quality signage & graphic films, application materials, accessories, and tools for the graphics industry. We are a women-owned and operated company that was started with the goal of offering solutions unique to each client’s specific needs.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Altainia is a market leader in North America and is proud to partner with LX Hausys to expand and distribute their products. Our goal is to continue to be a leader in the commercial interior and exterior products industry, while being a great employer, protecting the environment and ensuring a bright future for generations to come.

At Altainia, we are guided by our vision of finding high quality commercial interior and exterior products. Altainia is always striving to evolve our product offerings and services by looking at the latest technologies to offer high quality products that guarantee beautiful and sustainable applications.

From architectural finish films, sign & graphics films, custom print and markerboards, Altainia has the solutions that embody each client's value with quality design and performance.

LX Hausys BENIF Interior Films

Leading the Architectural Film Industry, the LX Hausys BENIF Interior Film line offers over 500 options that replicate Solids, Woods, Metal, Marble, Stone, Leather, Fabric and more. There are endless applications that can be created for design. As architects and designers push past limits through discovery of innovation for new build-outs and renovations, they are discovering how these films can achieve so much more than just what meets the eye.

LX Hausys BENIF Interior Films are designed for flat lamination and profile wrapping. With its special self-adhesive treatment, interior film is easy to apply not only on flat surface but also on irregular surfaces, saving time and cost. With possibilities ranging from walls, elevators, doors, ceilings trellises and beams, furniture, and more the skies the limit for all the different applications of this material.

  • An eco-friendly surface finishing material that puts the health and safety of customers as the top priority.

  • A flame resistant product for the protection of lives and property of customers from fire.

  • Air-Free film that prevents the formation of bubbles during the construction, extended its application to the whole group of flame resistant and non-flame resistant products.

  • Excellent antibacterial effects by adding non-toxic antibiotics.

LX Hausys Sign & Graphic Materials

We have teamed up with LX Hausys to expand their sign & graphic material offerings into the North American region. With Windeco and Art Canvas Lines, there are new options for decorative films. These decorative films include not only the standard frost and dusted crystal film options, but also provide products that can help you create your own unique design with printable and textured films. LX Hausys Sign & Graphic Films are created with the installer in mind. We offer a wide variety of graphic and wrapping products, as well as product bundles that will make it a lot easier to sell and apply graphics.

DREAM by Altainia

Altainia is bringing new a new industry standard with custom print graphics and films. We are a one-stop source for taking your design concepts and implementing them into reality in just a few simple steps. Whether you are looking for a subtle gradient transitions for semi-privacy or a full color centerpiece, we have the capabilities to meet your project needs without jeopardizing quality.

We stand by our commitment to produce high quality custom print graphics and films by offering:

  • 10 Year Commercial Material Warranty

  • UV Light Rejection – Bocks 99% of damaging UV light to guard against fading.

  • Shatter Resistant – Anti-Scattering function prevents the secondary accident caused by pieces of broken glass in the event of sudden glass breakage.

  • Scratch Resistence – Surface strength has been improved through surface hard coating. Contaminant resistance is outstanding, with no stains left after alcohol cleaning, even when left overnight.

  • Clarity – Produced on our optically clear PET with scratch resistant top coating

  • Cost – Cost-Effective Material & Print Services that replicate the look of traditional etched methods of glass enhancement.

  • Easy to upgrade – Ready for a new design? Remove and replace with a new custom design that reflects your new branding and privacy needs without harming the original glass.

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