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Find answers to common questions about Altainia and our line of products/installations.

Q: What are LG Hausys BENIF Interior Films?

A: LG Hausys BENIF Interior Film is designed for flat lamination and profile wrapping. With its special self-adhesive treatment, interior film is easy to apply not only on flat surface but also on irregular surface, saving time and cost. here is truly something for every application you can dream of. As architects and designers reach new heights through discovery of innovation for buildings and upgrades, the sky continues to be the limit for these films.


LG Hausys BENIF Interior Films have category product ranges including: classic woods, premium woods, big woods, metallic finishes, solid colors, carbon fiber, marble, leathers, sandstone, and many more exciting finishes. The possibilities for installation are endless, with options to cover walls, glass, furniture, doors, create wood look beams and more!

Q: What are the advantages of using LG Hausys BENIF Interior Films over veneer or plastic laminate finishes?

A: LG Hausys BENIF Interior Films have a number of key advantages:

  • Versatility & Quick Install: Want to renovate existing conditions or include high-end finishes but limited by budget allowances? LG BENIF allows you to choose from hundreds of finishes to match plastic laminates, veneers, stones, metals, leathers, and more without the high cost associated with traditional interior finishes. With little or no demo involved and minimal downtime, your facilities are back up and running in no time. 

  • More Pattern & Finish Options:  With over 500 patterns to choose from, you’ll be sure to find what you need in our LG BENIF selection. Need a quick turn around? Find our LG BENIF Quick Ship List for items readily in-stock and available. Need to create a finish, pattern, or color? Altainia can help you with unlimited creative flexibility and architectural freedom by custom color-matching and emboss-matching films to meet your design finish needs. Minimum orders are required for Custom Color Service.  

  • ​Reduce Carbon Footprint: LG BENIF installation is very clean and free of contaminates that could harm people or the environment. We can install over existing substrates thus eliminating the need for demolition or expensive disposal costs and help reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating unnecessary waste to landfill sites. 

Q: What is the history behind the LG Hausys BENIF Interior Films Product?

A: LG Hausys BENIF Interior Films have been used in Commercial and Interior Design markets for over 30 years to decorate 5-star hotels, major department stores in shopping complexes, offices, condos, and restaurants. Its popularity is due to a number of factors including the range of colours, textures, patterns, and its conformability and versatility.

Q: Why should an Architect or Interior Designer use LG Hausys BENIF Interior Films?

A: LG Hausys BENIF Interior Films offer a cost effective and creative solution to many decoration, refurbishment, and resurfacing projects. It can also be used for new building finishes to meet structural requirements and/or environmentally-safe solutions. It has successfully been used in many market segments including retail, commercial, marine, hospitals, hotels, and condominiums.

Q: What is the durability of LG Hausys BENIF Interior Films?

A: LG Hausys BENIF Interior Films are resistant to abrasion, staining, chemicals, and they comply with flammability standards for buildings. In addition, they have an antibacterial property making it an ideal choice for healthcare facilities, dental offices, hospitals, and public schools. LG BENIF is very durable and will withstand extreme weather temperatures from hot to cold. The protective laminated coating allows for it to be cleaned and wiped down without risk of absorption or damage. The material is an 10 mil thick vinyl that is not easily damaged, torn, or pulled up. While the material has a 12 year lifespan indoors, it has a 4 year vertical lifespan outdoors (3 years in desert sun). This is all dependent on UV light exposure. Horizontal outdoor decoration is not recommended by LG as exposure to maximum sunlight and environmental conditions can cause color change, loss of gloss, chalking and premature failure.

Q: Where can I find a LG Hausys BENIF Interior Films Certified Installer to install the LG BENIF?

A: As the North American Distributor, Altainia helps conduct all training and education for all Certified Installers in North America. Through our training program, we have a Preferred Network of Certified Installers that we can provide to you no matter the location of your project.


We take great pride in our work, customer service, and results. You will not be unsatisfied with the attention to detail that we give on every project. It’s the little things that count and we understand that.

Q: Why should I use a LG Hausys BENIF Interior Films Certified Installer to apply the product?

A: LG BENIF is a wonderful product in itself but if not accompanied by a LG Hausys BENIF Interior Films Certified Installer, the entire experience could be a disaster. Altainia understands the importance of being certified. Altainia certifies and endorses installers for a reason and that is to protect the integrity of the product by giving clients an experience that exudes professionalism and excellence. We only sell to Certified Installers to ensure proper installation on projects.


It is also important to note that any material purchased or installed by non-Certified Installers is not warrantied by Altainia or LG Hausys. 

Q: What is a typical timeline for custom production?

A: This can vary between projects but typical lead times for production (post-sampling phase) can range between 3-5 days for 500 square feet of material to 7-10 days for 2500+ square feet.


Q: Are there any limitations to the range of colors you can produce?

A: Any color, any opacity; we can create an infinite range of color options using Pantone, paint color codes or any other provided sample to use as a basis of replication.

Q: What does it cost for a custom film or wallcovering product?

A: As a budgetary number for material and labor for custom film, you can expect on average $12-$16 per Square Foot (SF) installed for Altainia custom film or wallcovering product, but this number can change depending on multi-level contractor markups. We recommend one of our certified dealers to be contacted for the most accurate pricing because of the many fluctuation variables across the country. Contact us to get you in touch with an installing dealer today!

Q: Does Altainia custom film come with a warranty?

A: Yes! All interior flat glass applications come with a 10 year warranty from time of installation.

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